But the couch feels so good!

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But the couch feels so good!

Looking for a jump start to CUAYing. It’s a major adjustment to start cleaning up after yourself when you are used to just looking at the mess pile up.  I’m sure you have your cleaning times during the month or week. But somehow it just gets messy again so quickly. What if there was a way to reprogram yourself to NOT let it pile up again.

Okay, okay it’s not a quick fix. It will take some practice and adjusting, but people of all ages have found the CUAYing formula easy to apply to their everyday lives and you can too. CUAYing will become fun and easy when you realize how rewarding the outcome is.  No more deferred gratification or only having your home clean for guest.  You get to live in and reap the benefits daily. It all starts here…

Do you want to go even deeper into the 3 steps to CUAY”?  Get the BOOK!

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About S. Denise King

Is the scene serene? That’s the basic question before you move on from that room or leave home for the day. If it’s not serene, you should circle back to remove any lingering signs of you that don’t belong or make it better than you found it. I am S. Denise King and here I will be discussing the ins and outs of CUAYing in our community forum.  Leave a comment and share your experiences with CUAYing too.