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CUAY Press Release, Can One Word Save A Family?

We are pleased to announce the book release of CUAY, Clean Up After Yourself, set to go public on March 30th, 2021.


Please find attached the Book Release with high-resolution image links and the Media Kit.


If you have any further questions or would like to contact the author you may respond here or via author contact details attached.





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A New Word is Born, CUAY.


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Born in Wilmington North Carolina in the early ’80s, S. Denise King was raised by a large family with over 25 first cousins. Daughter of an HR Administrator and Fireman, she learned quickly to respond with ability and leave things better than she found them.


After graduating from high school at the turn of the century, CUAY author, S. Denise King went on to undergraduate school at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and completed her Bachelors in Mass Media Communications in 2003. As well as a Masters in Public Administration from Walden University in 2008. Professionally seasoned in non-profit fundraising, restaurant, and Marketing management, she relocated to South Florida in 2017.  Ms. King then shifted into a teaching career and has been serving as a special expertise teacher for the past 3 years.


Now a mother to a 15-year-old and 11 years old of her own, Ms. King found that maintaining a clean home isn’t as easy as her mother made it look. It takes the entire family to make it work. When repeating Clean Up After Yourself became the norm she knew structure for cleaning had to be established. CUAY was born.


Merging all of her skills into her original passion, S. Denise King began drafting CUAY, Clean Up After Yourself to help support her family’s ongoing need for cleanliness.



CUAY is a curriculum for families to establish order in their dome and home. With a 3 step formula, deep cleaning guide, hygiene care chapter, and even how to keep your heart clean, this new book puts a word in the mouths of families that will last for generations. Readers are ushered through 3 stages of a CUAYer to help cleaners from all levels grow in their abilities to maintain a household and their personal hygiene no matter their age.

CUAY is being called an easy read with applicable tips. Readers see it as a necessary text to help families move towards joint accountability in cleaning.





Nonfiction- Self Help

Nonfiction- House and Home


200 Text Pages

20 Visual Graphics Pages


$20 USD


Print Paperback

Digital with Kindle Direct Publishing



Families that depend on each other to keep the house clean.

School-aged children looking to gain more maturity.

Adults seeking cleaning and hygiene support.



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Tuesday, March 30th 2021




While attempting to maintain some form of sanity, many families have become unbalanced when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. Through the process of growing up, raising a family, and getting used to working 40 plus hours a week to provide for that family, you will quickly realize organization is essential. Any stress and disharmony at home will impact your entire life, your goals, ambitions, and intentions. This text is written to help bridge the gap between what you know is necessary to lead a happy and healthy life and your actual reality. When you begin to fully appreciate the life you are giving, you move through it with care and concern, mindful of the trail you leave behind. The process of CUAYing (cleaning up after yourself) means taking responsibility for your own being and recognizing how personal accountability affects your life, the lives of those around you, and essentially the world.


This book is an interpretation of the lifestyles I’ve studied from my birth mother, godmothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, big brother, and friends throughout the years. Seeing disorder impact families negatively has been difficult, especially knowing that all they needed was a talk with grandma, a lesson from a sister, or that tip from auntie. But what happens when no one taught you how to properly clean up after yourself? What happens when you still wipe yourself wrong as an adult? What kind of adult will you be when you have a mother who never allowed you to CUAY? Or when you can’t afford a maid this year? How will generations that don’t CUAY affect the planet?


As you journey through the chapters of this book it is important to keep in mind that this is a guide to help establish order in your dome and home. It is not a quick fix, cookie-cutter solution to your issue. It will take conscious effort and intention from all essential parties or simply your whole self for CUAY to work for you. CUAY will look different for each individual and family, but the concept remains the same. This text is written for you to teach yourself to CUAY, but it’s even better to have your family read it together. Parents will be relieved to find a fun solution to gently encourage their children to gain accountability for what they leave behind, and make CUAYing all day a lifestyle instead of a constant family worry. If you are tired of repeating “Clean up after yourself,” knowing that your loved one either doesn’t seem to follow through or doesn’t know what cleaning up after his or herself looks like, allow this guide to support your efforts.


——-End Excerpt——





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