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You missed a spot!

Did you know there were multiple spots on the human body that often go without being properly washed and sanitized?  Maybe your grandmother told you where those hidden crevices were or your big brother told you were to left and scrub on the regular. But far too many people, they never got the memo.  After months and sometimes years of missed scrubs those areas can get discolored, become ordorous and can even get infected.

CUAYing is not just for your home. In the book you will find an entire section on CUAYing the body and learn some additional tips on keeping your overall hygiene on the up and up.  Don’t get mad, offended or ashamed to dive into this section of Cleaning Up After Yourself.  Either you learn something new or you find a new tool to pass on to your neighbor, co-worker or loved one that you are not so comfortable having a hygiene conversation with. Let CUAY help you get the message across in regards to their personal body concerns.

This section is particularly important for young children with developing bodies. Sometimes parents or guardians miss passing these lessons on and so quickly they become adults still not knowing how to properly care for themselves.

CUAY is a informational text to allow individuals, families and communities to get on one accord when it comes to keeping your home and dome in order.  BUT there is not way you can establish order unless you are first taking care of your temple.  The gift that we all have been gifted to house our unique souls here on the planet.  Find tips on identifying body care products with harsh chemicals and simple natural ingredients that can sooth, stimulate and protect the skin you’re in on the regular.  Yes, you can CUAY all day by using the CUAY Hygiene guide.  Be sure to let us know when you find some great products that work. Leave a link.

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About S. Denise King

Is the scene serene? That’s the basic question before you move on from that room or leave home for the day. If it’s not serene, you should circle back to remove any lingering signs of you that don’t belong or make it better than you found it. I am S. Denise King and here I will be discussing the ins and outs of CUAYing in our community forum.  Leave a comment and share your experiences with CUAYing too.