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Organize to thrive…

It’s not a curse word, but to some folks the word “organize” isn’t in their top 10 words to live by. But it should be. To establish order in your dome aka your mind you have to be rooted in a place of organization.  Even if the entire world around you is in chaos, you can establish peace in your micro world be simply listening to the inner direction each of us is given.

The foundation of CUAYing is having a plan and being able to see, like actually see yourself carrying out that plan even before it is begins.  This is the power of organization.  Being able to plan out your day to be certain you have a least 15 minutes before you leave to CUAY is essential. Once you are able to understanding CUAYing you must organize the time of your day to leave room to implement your actions. What do you do to organize your day to CUAY?

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About S. Denise King

Is the scene serene? That’s the basic question before you move on from that room or leave home for the day. If it’s not serene, you should circle back to remove any lingering signs of you that don’t belong or make it better than you found it. I am S. Denise King and here I will be discussing the ins and outs of CUAYing in our community forum.  Leave a comment and share your experiences with CUAYing too.