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To CUAY or Not to CUAY?

Yes, that is the question. If you are sitting there right now surrounded by a mess from yesterday or last week, thinking what in the world is CUAYing? I’m so glad you found this site. There is a solution to ease that feeling of tiredness that plagues you when you wake up to a mess each day.  A remedy to the pressure you feel when you know company is coming over and you have so much cleaning to do before hand to prepare.  It’s not too late to make a lifestyle change and CUAY- All Day.

I know it may sound like a lot, but taking the 3 steps to set up your home to begin with will make cleaning up after yourself that much easier. Don’t be alarmed, afraid or hesitant to move towards this great shift in you or your families life. It’s time TO CUAY.  Get the book! Take the Challenge and declutter your home and dome today. So yes, to answer your question. To CUAY or not to CUAY, the answer is simple… get up and MOVE!

  • M – Motivate yourself to move around and be become mindful of what you leave behind.
  • O – Organize what isn’t trash… put it all where it belongs.
  • V – Vacuum up the left overs.
  • E – Evaluate that area before you leave or move on.

JUST start MOVING! Clean Up After Yourself!

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About S. Denise King

Is the scene serene? That’s the basic question before you move on from that room or leave home for the day. If it’s not serene, you should circle back to remove any lingering signs of you that don’t belong or make it better than you found it. I am S. Denise King and here I will be discussing the ins and outs of CUAYing in our community forum.  Leave a comment and share your experiences with CUAYing too.